Sometimes it feels good to have your headphones in and get away from the world. Sometimes that’s just a great feeling. But other times, what’s really necessary is just to sit and be quiet and hear the clacking of your keypad as you sit in the middle of the world. The big, scary world that is all around you in every direction. For now, you are stuck in there. And while some things are horrendously terrible in there, there are others which are beautiful and meant to be heard. Most people think of the beach or the sky, but for me, the night is beautiful. The multitude of sounds and silence echoes continually. It creates something so rhythmic and entrancing that it’s hard to look away from. The night can hold fear and the unknown in it’s dark claws, but wrapped up in there is the beauty it was meant for. I think it reminds me of a lot of things; life, people. All scary and dark and strange, but each wrapped in the personal beauty they were created for.


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