It’s These People…

I’ve been thinking a lot. I’ve had a lot of time to do so, waiting and moving from place to place. Ever since I ‘ve started college, I’ve had to take the bus to get from each side of town to the other. I haven’t had any harrowing experiences or sketchy encounters, but I’ve had many, many thoughts.

Just looking around the bus when you’re sitting there, bumping along to the rhythm of the pavement, makes me think.

It’s these people. The people of the city who travel with me and live here. These people who scare some, upset some, are ignored by some, are loved by others. These people are all children of God, whether they know it, believe it, or disregard it. He loves them, and through his eyes, I’ve really seen it. I’ve seen his love for their odd quirks and beautiful smiles. Their loud laughs and their quietly wandering eyes. I know I don’t even see all of what he loves because I only get a photograph, but he has the entire autobiography. I just look at these others and think to myself, “God unconditionally and completely loves this person”, and it is amazing how differently I will see them.

These people are beautiful, these people are wonderful, these people are lost, these people are loved.

Why should I treat them any less?